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A lot of people in this world have different ideas and opinions about hypnotism. Many people are not clear about the concept of hypnotism and many are misguided by wrong information.
I will explain you in a very easy and simple language about hypnotism. Our brain is divided in to two parts one is called the conscious part and the other one is called the subconscious part. The conscious brain can be called as the outer brain or the active brain and the subconscious brain is called the inner brain or the inactive brain. The conscious brain is used in taking decisions, running, talking etc…and the subconscious brain takes care of the activities like heart beats, digestion, metabolic activities etc….
But the subconscious mind is more powerful than the conscious mind.
So, now I think you will understand hypnotism in a better way, in hypnotism the person is brought in a trance state in which he is neither sleeping nor awake. When the person is in a trance state so his subconscious mind accept suggestions easily because the conscious mind is at a sleeping level. And in this state what ever suggestion is given to the person to that straight away goes in the subconscious mind and gets executed by the person. This suggestion can really help the person to improve his health, financial condition, memory, and in short the person who get the suggestion works in a different way than a normal person because his subconscious mind as accepted the suggestion given to him/her in the hypnotic state.

If you are interested in learning Hypnotism so please tell me and I will give you my procedure due to which you will learn hypnotism in 2 months.

Cost of the procedure is 100 US DOLLARS.